We have a range of different blade lengths depending on how long or short you would like.


Using natural shampoos to suit a variety of coats, dogs enjoy the comfort of our purpose built hydro-bath.

Safe Drying

Each dog is dried by hand using a turbo blast drier enabling us to see each part of your dogs skin.

Paws & Claws

Nails are clipped, and matted hair in the pads removed. This prevents build up of mud and other harmful debris.

Ear Cleaning

We pride ourselves on only using ear cleaning products that contain natural ingredients for each dog we groom.

Tick Removal

Ticks are super easy to pick up, if you notice any on your dog then pop in. We are always happy to remove.

Face Trim

If you can't see a dogs eyes they cannot see yours either! Don’t wait for your next appt, pop in for a trim.


Dogs can be sprayed with a coat conditioning spray with a gorgeous scent to make them smell divine!

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Lynsey Carter

Lynsey Carter

Dog Groomer, ADG Founder

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