In accordance with the latest COVID-19 guidelines provided by the UK Government and Pet Industry Federation, Austins Dog Grooming has introduced an updated salon policy to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. The following ways of working will be adopted to ensure we operate as safe as possible during these difficult times.

Ways Of Working - Operating Policy

Last Updated 10th May 2020

Groom Eligibility

  • If you or someone you live with has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), we are unable to arrange an appointment until you have carried out the self-isolation procedures recommended by the NHS.

Salon Practices

  • Only one dog groomer will be working on-site at any one time. This is currently vital in ensuring that the 2 metre social distancing rules are adhered to.
  • The salon will be thoroughly disinfected between grooming appointments. This will have an impact on the daily appointments capacity.
  • Payments made via cash should be handed to your groomer in a sealed envelope containing the exact amount. Direct bank transfer payments can also be arranged, made payable to your groomer within 24 hours prior to your appointment. We do not offer a card payment facility.

Appointment Process

Step 1

Salon arrival

Arrive at the salon (ideally as part of your daily exercise). Stand 2 metres from the entrance where your groomer will meet you.

Step 2

Drop-off process

Your groomer will firstly put their own lead on your dog. Following this you must remove your own leads and take them with you.

Step 3

Pre-groom wash

Once your dog has entered the Salon a thorough pre-groom wash and dry will be carried out using our on-site hydro-bath.

Step 4

Grooming process

At this stage your dog is ready for the full grooming process, carried out to the high standards you expect from Austins.

Step 5

Return to salon

Your groomer will greet you outside of the salon at the pre-defined time. Failure to do so will compromise any later appointments.

Step 6

Pick-up process

Your groomer will remove their own lead, and at this point you can put on your own leads so that you can safely leave the Salon.

COVID-19 Certification

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Policy Review Timetable

This policy will be reviewed periodically in line with government advice as well as any operational changes decided by Austins Dog Grooming. Thank you for your understanding at this time. All new ways of working highlighted within this page are solely based on the safety of our clients and staff. Additional news will be periodically updated on the Coronavirus News page.